5 New Skills You Can Learn At Home This Summer


Aside from checking off a lot of beaches off your list this summer, why not put in five new skills that you can learn at home? This should make spending more time at your new condominium property in Davao Cityin Vivaldi Residencesall the more interesting and productive. Here are some skills that you ought to try learning and honing this summer:

  1. Handyman skills
    This is a perfect end to your DIY fever if you’ve caught it. While you need to call a professional plumber for serious leaks or a locksmith if there’s something wrong with your door locks, there are a few things that you can fix on your own. You can watch videos on YouTube or VideoJug to learn a few easy repair tricks, such as unclogging your drain, diagnosing a leak with food coloring, or fixing your toilet with aluminum foil. You can also replace a light fixture, fix a door that sticks, replace a screen on a window, and more to maintain your unit in one of the best condominiums in Davao City.
  2. Playing an instrument
    Whether you already play an instrument or it’s your first time to do so, you can find plenty of tutorials online. The Internet is a rich resource for aspiring guitar, drum, piano, violin, or flute players. YouTube, for one, is a good place to start for your lessons.
  3. Cooking like a chef
    With all the cooking videos available on YouTube and other social media platforms as well as recipes on numerous cooking sites and blogs, you’ll have plenty to choose from if you want to start learning new recipes. If you want to step up and fill your unit in among the top investment properties in Davao with delicious aroma from your cooking, there are also paid online cooking lessons that you can take.
  4. Knitting
    How cool would it be if you can knit your own clothes, or at least with your kids’ dolls’ clothes? There are also plenty of online step-by-step guides that you can learn from. Knitting also comes with several benefits that make it worth learning, such as meditation, pride in yourself, stress relief, improved motor functions, reduced cognitive decline, and prevention against tendinitis and arthritis. You can even knit your own throw pillow cases to make your condominium property in Davao City homier.

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