Cubao: The Latest Live-Work-Play Destination


Cubao surely figures prominently in many a Gen-Xer’s memory—of weekends dining with family and friends, of watching concerts and live performances, and of shopping in malls, department stores and bazaars. For a while, however, Cubao’s glitter was dampened during the heyday of other mall developments across Metro Manila in the 1990s.
These days, Cubao has slowly been regaining its footing as the original and enduring shopping center in Quezon City, and for even more good reasons. A new masterplan for the area has made it a holistic live-work-play environment that is perfectly suited for the busy lifestyle of modern urbanites.

Not only is Cubao a great place to shop and dine in, but it has also become a business hub especially popular among business process outsourcing (BPO) firms that operate round-the-clock. With such as fast-paced environment, Cubao now also offers lots of opportunities for homeseekers to find their own place in the city.


Here is how Cubao has transformed into a genuine live-work-play destination:

Live. Even decades back, Cubao had always been a sought-after residential area because of its quaint neighborhoods and villages tucked away in pocket areas. With shopping centers and commercial districts nearby, as well as transportation hubs in major thoroughfares, living in Cubao proved to be an attractive proposition for its utmost convenience. Today, little has changed by way of Cubao being a central and convenient location.

Living in Cubao has become even more convenient because of the rise of residential condominiums, which offer value for money especially for individuals or starting-out families. Full nesters also enjoy the efficiency of being near schools, hospitals and many other necessary facilities for daily living. Condo buyers are not left wanting for choice, with developments such as Vivaldi Residences Cubao that are strategically located right along EDSA.


Work. At present, BPOs are the lifeblood of the Philippine economy, with the thousands of job opportunities they provide to Filipinos. Not surprisingly, Cubao is host to a number of large BPO firms because of the captive workforce of young, talented graduates in the Quezon City area. Among the well-known BPO companies with offices in Cubao are Accenture, Telus and Alorica. Those living in Quezon City and nearby cities need not go far to report to work and as such, they are able to be more productive and maximize their time.

Many other office buildings in Cubao also cater to small and medium-sized businesses that help stimulate local commerce and industry, and provide vital employment opportunities as well. Cubao’s role as an urban business center is important in keeping progress unfolding in Quezon City.


Play. Cubao’s legacy as an entertainment, recreation and leisure center continues up to this day. Its centerpiece attraction remains to be the Araneta Coliseum—an engineering and structural marvel for its time when it was opened in 1960. Also called “The Big Dome” for its unique, distinctive shape, it is now known as the Smart Araneta Coliseum. It has been the venue for many historical shows and events through the decades. The Fiesta Carnival was another popular attraction in Cubao, with its indoor rides, games and booths.

Apart from shopping, visitors can also enjoy movies, have a relaxing day at a spa or even savor a staycation in hotels such as the Novotel Manila Araneta Center.


Cubao continues to evolve as many more high-rise condominiums, office buildings and malls rise and change the Quezon City skyline. There is perhaps no exciting time more than now to be part of this dynamic transformation and to call Cubao your home.

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