Downtown vs. Uptown: The Pros and Cons of Living in these 2 distinct areas in Davao City


This is the usual conundrum in most well-known cities in the world: where’s the best part of the city to settle in? Downtown or uptown? Downtown refers to the city center, the heart of the city, or in colloquial terms, the poblacion. This is where most of the city’s malls, restaurants, and even the seat of the local government is located. Uptown, meanwhile, refers to the residential areas, the laidback places, the suburbs.

If you are out buying a property in Davao City, you might encounter this question at one point in time. Here we weigh our options:

Choosing uptown Davao City
Uptown Davao City refers to the residential portions of this highly-urbanized city, and usually refers to any of the barangays in the second or third district. But the area most commonly referred to as “uptown” is in the areas east of the city, in the barangays of Cabantian, Dacudao, and areas near Tagum City. But if we are lax in our definition of “uptown,” we can consider some 140 barangays in Davao City as uptown or residential.

If you are out buying a property in Davao City, you most surely will be visiting these areas, as properties here are a lot cheaper than those located in the city center. However, if you are set on owning one of the best condominiums in Davao City, you might get disappointed, as such developments are usually located in the city center.

Another upside of residing in uptown Davao City is the lush foliage and greenery offered by the city’s uptown. It’s like teleporting from the hustle and bustle of the city center to a far-flung dreamland completely enveloped by nature’s caress. Though uptown Davao City might not be the place to go if you have the propensity for malls, you can find hidden gems and wonders – a quirky restaurant or a wonderful park here and there once you settle in the uptown.

Downtown Davao City won’t let you down
Looking for a condo for sale in Davao City? Then you will surely be going around the heart of the city, for it is here in downtown where you can find the best condominiums in Davao City. What is considered as “downtown” is at the city’s sprawling Poblacion in the first district, spanning 40 barangays.

Not only could you find the main schools, the city hall, and main malls in this area, but downtown Davao City also houses Vivaldi Residences Davao, a 37-storey residential tower – the tallest tower in Mindanao – which many consider as truly one of the best condominiums in Davao City.

The upside of living in the downtown? It’s literally the center of it all — commerce, culture, government, education, everything! Though the downtown may have less foliage and greenery than what the uptown offers, the place makes it up with the countless go-to places that all spell convenience for its residents. Want to commune with nature but already set your heart to living in downtown Davao City? Don’t fret – uptown is just a few minutes’ drive away!

Want to exalt in the majesty of Vivaldi Residences Davao, undoubtedly one of the best places to settle in downtown Davao City? Head to for details.

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