Earthquake Preparedness at Home


Whenever an earthquake hits, we are sent into panic mode—unfortunately, this is the way many of us Filipinos think. It takes a jolt, quite literally, for us to take disaster preparedness seriously. Now is any good a time to break that cycle and to prepare for such instances for good.

Let’s not wait for another earthquake to get our family prepared for such emergencies. Here are some quick and easy tips that you can follow to equip your family toward surviving natural occurrences such as earthquakes:

  • Keep in mind the age-old advice of “duck, cover and hold.” If you are caught in a high-rise condominium or office building during an earthquake, do not panic and run out the door. It is best to wait to out the tremor in the safety of a sturdy space such as under a big table or desk. Your chances of becoming trapped or injured by falling objects is even greater if you don’t stay put during an earthquake.
  • Draw up an evacuation and meet-up plan with your family and loved ones. Wherever you may be in the metro after a major earthquake, determine a location where you can all proceed to and see each other. This way, you can account for each and every member of the family and seek professional help in locating absent ones if needed.
  • Make your own emergency grab bag for earthquake emergencies. This bag should contain supply of clean water, canned food, light and heat sources such as a flashlight and candles, vital medication, a fresh change of clothes and other necessities. Each member of the family should have one either in the car, in the office or at school. This can help increase your chances of survival should an earthquake of great magnitude occurs and you find yourself in a precarious situation.
  • Most importantly, keep calm and level headed. Do not add fuel to panic about “the big one” because scientifically, there is no way to determine when an earthquake will occur. Thus, it is useless to try to predict or speculate about earthquakes and tremors. The best way to deal with them is to prepare, be alert and be informed about how and why earthquakes occur. Be sure to talk to your children and family members about this.

Earthquakes just like any other natural phenomenon are things we have to simply contend with. Rather than be caught up in fear or frustration, mental and physical preparation is key for you and your family to survive it.

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