Furniture Hunting for Your Condo Home


Nothing could be more exciting than dressing up your condo unit. It is the feeling of being able to bring to life your vision of your dream home that is truly exhilarating. However, buying furniture and furnishings for your condo living space may not be as easy as you think it is. A lot of homeowners encounter frustrations when they rush into such a task without proper planning.

Make the right measurements.
Keep in mind that a condo space is quite different from the usual home environment that you may have been used to in a single-detached home. Thus, it takes a different approach in buying the right furniture and accessories for your condo home. Here are a few tips that may come in handy when furniture hunting for your condo unit:

Never rely on visual estimates when purchasing furniture for your condo. The eye can be fooled and you may not be able to get the right size tables, chairs or other furnishings. The best method is to get a tape measure and determine the areas allotted for each piece of furniture. Take into consideration as well the ceiling height of your unit, as well as the measurements of your entrance door. A classic mistake unit owners make is buying furniture that are not able to fit through the front door!

Plan your interior scheme.
It helps to establish a certain theme or look that you are going for in your condo home. This will make your furniture shopping easier. You will also end up with pieces that work together in harmony visually. You can go with your favorite color, perhaps, or an interior design theme that is based on a certain era. You can go modern and contemporary or all-out futuristic. You can also go with a vintage feel with mid-century pieces and accents. Certain themes will dictate the types of textures, surfaces and materials that you can go with.

Work with a budget.
Spending can get easily out of hand when you are shopping for furniture for your condo home. It’s very tempting to buy every single piece that you lay your eyes upon in the store. Resist the urge by making a list and ticking off only the items that you truly need or those that fit within your pre-determined budget—your wallet will thank you later. Another tip is to bring only one companion with you whose taste matters to you. Furniture hunting can become a headache if you have too many competing and contrasting opinions on what to buy.

Living in a well-planned condo living space such as that in Milan Residenze Fairview will definitely make furniture hunting an enjoyable task. This is because the units are optimized for maximum comfort and freedom of movement, plus enjoyment of natural sunlight and outside views of the city. Being in the center of Quezon City will also put you right in the midst of malls and shopping centers, where you can find a wealth of choices in terms of furniture, furnishings and home accessories.

Dressing up your condo unit is perhaps one of the most important steps in truly making it your home, and Milan Residenze Fairview is one vertical community where such a milestone is not only highly anticipated but much celebrated.

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