Have a Barkada Potluck for a Graduation Despedida


It’s almost that series of months when the graduation blues are upon us. This, of course, covers the months of March and April (and for some schools, May). With graduation comes plans to go out and have a despedida party. It’s one of the last opportunities you and your class or just your own clique to get together before you go your own ways into that sometimes bright, sometimes uncertain, future. But you don’t have to be lavish about it, especially when you’re all on a tight budget. A barkada potluck for a graduation despedida will do in a pinch!

But where would you set the despedida party? That’s simple: ANYWHERE! The great thing about going the potluck route is you can have it happen where it’s most convenient. For instance, if you or someone else in your group happens to be a unit owner of Vivaldi Residences Cubao, that’s already a great venue!  Vivaldi Residences Cubao, a condominium property in Quezon City has generously-spaced units suit to hold a moderately sized barkada. Just bring the food and you’re good to go!

What kind of food should you bring? Often, people will just bring whatever they can grab from their refrigerators or cook something on the fly. However, a potluck for a graduation despedida would have a better turnout if someone assigns everyone a specific food to prepare and bring. This way, there won’t be two people bringing embutido, another two bringing adobo, and the other three bringing spaghetti. But sometimes things still happen where you don’t know what to bring. You can always just buy something from the nearest convenience store (hint: nobody says no to chips and liters of soda!). Vivaldi Residences Cubao is even few footsteps away from several malls, supermarkets and even wetmarkets.

But, you might ask, what else will you do other than eating in a barkada potluck for a graduation despedida? In most cases, you would be swapping stories and anecdotes from your time before the commencement exercises, all the laughter and tears, victories, and defeats. However, you could spice it up by setting the party at a place where there’s a pool. The building has its own SkyPool and viewing deck! No need to go far off from QC to take a dip during and after your barkada potluck graduation party.

These are just some simple ideas to make your barkada potluck for a graduation despedida memorable. And if held in Vivaldi Residences Cubao, it’s one farewell and good luck celebration that your friends will cherish for a lifetime.

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