Host your own summer party!


Can you feel it? Just like that, the icy post-Christmas breeze has suddenly become fiery. Just some days ago, you can bask in the sun even wearing quilted jackets and fashionable sweaters. Now, you must have realized the Philippines remains to be a tropical country. Even if you consider that some of that sweltering heat emanates from your innate hotness, there’s simply no denying: summer is here!

Back when you were considering buying investment properties in Quezon City, undoubtedly, some of your questions include: does the property have proper ventilation, and does the property have good swimming pools?

If you are a proud owner of a unit in Milan Residenze Fairview right now, or if are eyeing to buy one, then you would be happy to know that the answer to both questions is yes!

Living in a condo equipped like this means you are actually a proud owner of one of the best condominiums in Quezon City! And what’s more thrilling than hosting your own summer party in your very own condo? Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Inquire about the pool use. Pools in condominiums like Milan Residenze Fairview are open for the use of all residents and their guests. But you can inquire – in advance, that is – if you can have a certain night when the pool can be cordoned off. That way, you can enjoy the amenities to the fullest by hosting a pool party!

One of the reasons why Milan Residenze Fairview is considered one of the best investment properties in Quezon Cityis because it doesn’t only have a pool – but two! One for adults and one for children. With these pools, you can host pool games like “conquer the base” or pool volleyball.

Don’t worry if you can’t reserve the pool for yourself though, if that ever happens. There are lots of other activities that can be done by the poolside to make your party one of the best summer events your friends ever experienced!

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