Pool Safety for Kids


As a parent, one of the primary considerations you might have had when you were out buying a property in Quezon Cityis if the property has swimming pools. If you were lucky enough to get a unit in one of the best condominiums in Quezon City like Vivaldi Residences Cubao, your kids will surely have ample swimming time even at the comfort of your own home.

Having a readily-accessible pool, however, comes with a few caveats. Primary among these considerations is safety. Here are some few reminders to ensure pool safety for your kids:

  1. Adult supervision is a must
    Don’t let your kids, especially toddlers who just learned how to swim, or those too small and are more susceptible to drowning, to go to the pool and swim on their own. While the best condominiums in Quezon City might have personnel manning the pools, don’t leave it to these folks to keep an eye on your kids while swimming. While swimming, anything can happen, and you want to be nearby if any hazard comes along. Also, adult supervision will ensure that the kids understand and follow the rules, with the adult setting a concrete example. Children, left on their own, may just run around the wet poolside, without adults reminding them that this should not be done, as they could slip or skid.
  2. Check the pool before allowing kids to swim
    Pools in the best investment properties in Cubao are regularly maintained. But there are times when the pool has yet to be cleaned. Usually, signs will be put up when the pools are under maintenance. But what if your kids decide to take a dip right before the signs are put up? A keen discerning eye is needed in these circumstances. One should also keep an eye, especially when kids approach the deeper parts of the pool. Another thing to keep an eye on is if there are any stray toys or litter that other children might have left behind. Your kids might trip over these toys!
  3. Wear sunscreen
    The very best condominiums in Quezon City usually have pools located where you can also bask under the sun. Though it’s fun to play under the sun, make sure kids always wear sunscreen for them to avoid ending up with painful sunburns.

There are other details that your kids need to focus attention to while swimming, but the best thing of course is for an adult to always be present to remind them of these safety precautions. Letting children swim in the pool is like buying a property in Quezon City – all safety precautions must be in place before you take the plunge!

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