Setting Up Your First Home Office


With the passage of Republic Act No. 11165 or the “Telecommuting Act,” the government has essentially empowered workers to work from home, even in a unit in one of the best condominiums in Quezon City.

Ready to take the plunge into the telecommuting world? The number one thing to consider, of course, is for you to set up your home office. Here, we list down some basic steps you need to take to make your transition as a full-time “work from home” employee:

1. Set up reliable communication lines
One reason why offices are still being maintained is because it allows companies to pool its human resources in one area and make it easier for co-workers to collaborate on projects through face-to-face communication. The downside, of course, of going to an office job is you have to actually travel (drive or commute) every day to the office. This makes telecommuting a palatable alternative.

But how do you maintain constant communication with your bosses and co-workers? Well, we’re already in the 21st century, and we have technologies that ensure that constant communication won’t be a daunting task. When you are out buying a property in Quezon City, you should inquire if the areas you are eyeing are easily serviceable by phone and Internet providers. It may surprise you that in certain areas, even in Metro Manila, having a phone line set up will still take months. That’s why to be considered as one of the best condominiums in Quezon City is if it’s located in an area that is easily serviceable. For example, Milan Residenze Fairview, which is literally across shopping malls and is at the heart of Fairview, you can be assured that you can get serviced in as fast as one day.

2. Get yourself a comfy office chair and desk
Many people avoid telecommuting because of the dangers staying at home pose for your productivity. With your bed just a few steps away, it’s easy to simply procrastinate and virtually get zero things done. That’s why if you are seriously considering working from home, you should set up a physical office that can separate work from home. Some of the best investment properties in Quezon City provide unit owners enough space for an office desk and an office chair. Get yourself one, and make sure that you’re comfortable working in them!

3. Set up and stick to a regular work routine
Now, you have the best office equipment and best communication lines set up in one of the best condominiums in Quezon City. Now comes the actual test of will: setting up a regular work routine and sticking to it. Not because you’re staying all day in your own condo means you can work at any time you want. It’s not health, nor does that increase productivity. To attain work-life balance, arrange your daily schedule in a way that there are hours specifically set aside as “work hours.” Stick to that time, and plan the rest of your day for your personal life.

Working from home may sound convenient, but there’s a lot of nitty-gritty that you need to ensure to maximize productivity and make your telecommuting life a success. Number one consideration, of course, is where to set up that home office. Interested to know more about Milan Residenze Fairview? Visit their website at

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