Small Spaces, Big Closets


Clothes speak volumes about you as a person. The right clothes and the right accessories give you the energy and positivity to conquer your day. If you are a true city person you know that fashion is as important as the location of your address. Clothes prepare you to do your best at work and present yourself positively to your colleagues and clients. If you are any typical urbanite you may have accumulated a ton of clothing. You wouldn’t be dissuaded of downscaling your wardrobe since fashion is an everyday essential and you may argue you need every piece of it. If you are working you always need a fresh set of clothes each day of the work week. You definitely need that big wardrobe as you mix and match pieces to keep yourself in top style during work and after work, hours play.

There is always a solution to Big Closets in small spaces. Best condominiums in Davao City such as Vivaldi Residences are well designed and give you the strategic space to plan out your space for the important stuff. Consider a condo for sale in Davao City that is near business areas and beach views so you can enjoy the best of living in the Philippines. You can transform from office fashion to beach fashion in one day and enjoy the best scenic spots that are just hours away from the main city.

If you already own a condo maximize your wardrobe space by being organized and using your spaces smartly. Before you start anything do consider getting rid of the clutter. You may want to donate some of your clothing or less used pieces to a charity or give it away to relatives.

The next thing to do is to group long clothes together such as turncoats and shorter clothes such as tops or shirts. The idea for this is to free up space. The part of your closet where your grouped shirts and tops together free up the floor space so you can store shoes, accessories, folded clothes and other items of your choice.

Consider getting a tiered hanging rack. Hanging racks are ultra-versatile. You can store shoes, belts, jewelry, and other accessories. It is easy to install and everything is at eye-level and within easy reach. You can install multiple tiered racks if you so desire.

Do light up your closet. Installing lights in your closet give you the opportunity to see everything there and allow you to use every piece of clothing. A well-lighted closet saves you time from searching and rummaging through items.

If you are just starting to work or thinking of owning a property, get a prime location in investment properties in Davao City! Davao is not only a great vacation spot but is a flourishing urban center. Be part of Davao City’s urbanites through investment properties in Davao City.

Enrich your life with work-life balance since you will be working in a city that boasts of the best vacation and scenic spots. The best beaches are only miles away and you can frolic every weekend to your heart’s content. Opting for investment properties in Davao City mean your bikini and Panama hat won’t be gathering dust in your closet!

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