Spending Your Income Well: 4 Small Investments to Start Making Today


The new year gives as a chance to wind down and recollect what we’ve done for the past year. If you have received your well-earned bonuses and pay for the year maybe it is time to put together a financial plan for investment as part of your 2019 goals. Affordable real estate such as condominium investment properties in QC is always a good choice.  Best condominium in Quezon City is always a good choice considering its proximity to all areas in the metro. Here are some great ideas for you to explore this year:

Condo Investment
Condos are a great investment considering most condos are built in busy areas with high real estate value
. Investment properties in Quezon City are especially good because the city abounds with the best restaurants, shopping malls, and urban places. Most investment properties in Quezon City are flood-free so you will enjoy a safe location. If you want a fun and relaxing atmosphere and a property with high resale value there is nothing like investment properties in Quezon City!

Small Franchise Business (near a condo)
If you are not ready to make a big leap for a big purchase such as a condo maybe you should consider buying a small franchise business. There are many franchise businesses you can buy with a proven system and great returns. Consider attending franchising seminars so you get to gain in-depth knowledge on running a franchise business and choosing the right franchise for you. In business, location is key. Consider setting up your franchising business near a condo where there is high foot traffic.  A good franchise idea would be laundry shops. People who live in condos are too busy and leave the laundry to laundry shops.

A convenience store is another great idea for a franchise near a condo. Residents will need a continuous supply of basic needs and it will be great if your convenience store is operational 24 hours.  Other great options would be a coffee shop and internet shop. Make your research and find out what’s the best type of franchise for you.

Go Travelling
Research shows that people tend to value experiences than they tend to value things. The memory of your beach trip stays with you much longer than your interest with a fancy trinket you’ve bought. So, if you want to add to your pleasure, add to your life experience and maybe ditch that designer bag and schedule a trip to Bali instead. Going on a tour opens your eyes to new experiences and new sights especially if you go with friends. Shared moments are unforgettable and you can even brag about it on Instagram.

Invest in Stocks
If you want to get serious consider putting all your savings in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds.  The interest compounds and the money will earn for you in time. Sooner or later, you’ll have accrued enough for a retirement or to set up a business venture or buy real estate.

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