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Meet EVE and the Original Seen

Grounded on the culture of innovation, Euro Towers launches its newest addition to its roster of real estate breakthroughs. Euro Towers’ EVE is the Company’s Google Assistant devised to exponentially…

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How Much Allowance to Give Your Kids?

All parents want the best for their children, but when it comes to money matters, it’s not always good to just provide for them blindly—especially with regard to giving a…

Solar Energy for Your Home

  With the high cost of electricity these days, it’s no wonder that homeowners are seeking ways to save money mostly by cutting down on consumption or going with more…

The Wonders of Virgin Coconut Oil

A big health and wellness trend these days involves the use and consumption of virgin coconut oil or VCO. This purported all-around “miracle” substance provides a lot of positive benefits…

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