About Us

Life is short. Euro Towers brings you closer to what matters most like loved ones, your work, your passion. Euro Towers has been in property development since 2010, backed with decades of experience in hotel, construction and real estate. So when it comes to the things that matter most to you, Euro Towers knows.

Vision & Mission


We are a rising property developer, building residential and commercial properties located in high growth areas, providing the discerning market with a delightful customer service ensuring each purchase to bring joy in life.


To be receptive to the developing needs and preferences of our discerning market. We will be deliberate, efficient, and credible, striving to elevate life-enhancing property developments. We live and breathe the values of integrity, leadership and teamwork, ensuring that every single shareholder of our company is living the fruits of our hardwork with a dignified and quality life.

Core Values


When things get tough, this is what keeps us together, glued to each other, face and win the battle together.


Guides us in our commitment and obligation to not just do our job, but to ensure to make things better, pursue excellence, and do things in ways that further the goals of the organization.


The main foundation of our business operations practiced ethically and morally ensuring transparency and respect for all stakeholders in building a sustainable relationship.


Guides us in our commitment and obligation to not just do our job, but to ensure to make things better, pursue excellence, and do things in ways that further the goals of the organization.


Providing equal opportunities without discrimination, making fair decisions in an appropriate manner based on an appropriate criteria, making it a moral standard that guides all decisions that affect others.


A testament of our dedication to presenting our organization a wealth of opportunities to reach their full potential in making our vision come true.


As we take pride in what we do, we set high standards of performance for self and others, constantly raising the bar on our performance.

Affiliate & Partner

Euro Towers is a partner of Apo View Hotel, Davao City’s legendary premier hotel. first class accommodations, a sumptuous menu and authentic Filipino hospitality for over 70 years.

Partner Banks


VR Showroom Technology

using the advanced Oculus VR system . The country’s first ever virtual reality walkthrough experience for Euro Tower’s landmark projects Milan Residenze Fairview and Vivaldi Residences Davao

Euro Tower's Seller's Portal

dashboard allows you to view sales, client’s document status, and unit inventory in real-time.

Sky pool

Take a plunge in a pool hanging out from the 39th floor above EDSA mega-highway. This thrilling innovation is a first for Euro Tower and an attraction of Vivaldi Residences Cubao.

Holograph Grand Launch

A first in Philippine real estate history, Vivaldi Residences Cubao’s main structural design was introduced via a hologram similar to those seen in sci fi movies. This first left the invited guests in awe throughout the presentation.


Euro Towers is the 1st high-rise residential building in Quezon City to install a state-of-the-art earthquake monitoring device called Accelerographs. This technology is also adapted by Vivaldi Residences in Davao and Milan Residenze Fairview for better and more assured building safety for unit owners.


To insure better service assistance, Euro Towers has installed EVE™ or Euro Towers Virtual Expert, a personalized Google Assistant App available for both sellers and buyers for real-time assistance and information about Euro Towers. Accessible through Android devices and soon to be available on iOS.