Whether you’re outside or inside the comfort of your home, a simple misstep can prove to be life-threatening especially for natural disasters such as earthquakes. The anxiety is greater among condo-dwellers since condos are typically high-rise. Fortunately, developers today are taking extra measures in the design of their buildings to withstand disasters such as these.

Like Vivaldi Residences Davao, the tallest building in Davao has advanced rollers and earthquake resistant systems that have been certified safe last January by the Davao LGU.

But if you find yourself inside your condo when an earthquake strikes, follow these do’s and don’t

  1. Stay under a sturdy table

Following the “drop, cover, and hold on” formula – immediately drop down on your arms and knees. Next, reach for the sturdiest table in your condo unit and seek cover.

2. Find a safe place

When a sturdy furniture is not available, look for the next best safe spot like an interior wall with support beams. Cover you head and neck with your arms until the shaking stops.

3. Grab the First Aid Kit

It pays to have a First Aid kit at home. Attend to the injury immediately but don’t move yourself or anyone seriously injured unless there’s an immediate danger. Do these until the shaking stops.

4. Stay Inside

Staying inside your condo unit is very important. It’s going to protect you from falling debris and the sheer amount of panicking people outside. Modern condo developments are now designed to withstand shocks and seismic activity so they are definitely safer to stay inside.

5. Keep Distance From Danger Zones

Stay away from windows, as well as facades, hanging objects and mirrors because they are the first to break or shatter.

6. Keep an Emergency Preparedness Kit

This kit has a flashlight, water, food and a battery-powered radio. They are usually available in big hardwares and malls.

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