Last August 2020, a 5.1 earthquake was felt 48 kms. South of Davao City. Davaoenos felt moderate to strong shaking for a couple of seconds but no major damage to structure was seen. Last September 2020, a magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck Davao again, but in Don Marcelino, Davao Occidental and there was no damage found said PhilVolcs.

With successive earthquakes like these and quakes years before, do tall buildings really get a beating? Are they still structurally safe?

According to experts “the taller a structure, the more flexible it is, the less energy is required to keep it from toppling or collapsing when the earth’s shaking makes it sway. Shorter buildings are stiffer than taller ones. A three-storey apartment is considered more vulnerable to earthquake than a 30-storey skyscraper.” (source: 2020).

Vivaldi Residences Davao (VRD) is proud to say that it is the tallest and still the safest building in Davao and Mindanao. Euro Towers International Inc., owners of Vivaldi Residences Davao, in partnership with Jose Aliling Construction Management and AC Ong Consulting Inc. have carefully studied and made thorough planning in the development and design of VRD’s underground foundation support. The building has about 70 bored piles of reinforced concrete to support VRD’s structural vertical load. And these piles are bored into the ground as deep as 60 meters below. And as far as the structural integrity of VRD is concerned, the management guarantees complete safety, without any damage to the building whatsoever.

In fact, clients of Vivaldi Residences Davao reiterated their confidence in the project by remaining loyal and supportive of the project. They did not cancel reservations or refund their investments. They strongly believed that the recent earthquakes did not incur any structural damage and VRD is still green and go on over-all safety, stability and up for completion very soon.

Vivaldi Residences Davao (VRD) has more than 800 units with a mix of Studio, One-Bedroom,and Two-Bedroom units to meet you and your family’s needs. All mandatory testing and safety protocols are still observed every day. Scheduled turnover will start on the last quarter of 2021. Check out our website and our fb page Vivaldi Residences Davao for more details.

Remember, the taller – the stronger! Vivaldi Residences Davao.